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Faeriegrrl - mysteriously lovely
Porche - Bellefeuille Third Year
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Bonjour, je suis Porche Manon Fiacare, Et vous êtes ?? *She laughs* Just kidding, I speak English too. I'm Porche, What's your name?

Basic Info
Full Name Porche Manon Fiacare
Pronunciation PORE sha mah NON
Meaning Offering, bitter,
Current Age 14
Gender Female
Species Half-Veela
House & Year Bellefeuille Third Year



Porche Manon Fiacare is the only daughter of Prunellie Maximilienne Vespasian and Odilon Raoul Fiacare, she was born on September 10th. Porche is a third year Bellefeuille. She has two older brothers Guillaume, who is in his fifth year and Anatole in his seventh year. Being the only girl Porche was raised as princess, she was always squeezed into pink dresses and little shoes with bows on them. As a child her mother kept Porche's very long, constantly styling it in outrageous ways. As Porche grew she wanted to be more like her brothers, Guillaume and Anatole were always running around getting dirty, fighting and finding their way into trouble.

When Porche was 10 she cut off her hair, her mother was livid walking in to see her daughters long beautiful hair swaying gently in the air as it fell to the floor. She was hardly punished, as her mother and father could not agree that her action was deserving of a punishment at all. Odilon and Prunellie were both stubborn in the belief that what 'they' thought was right. When Porche was with her father she was free to be the tomboy she wanted to be, when she was with her mother she was forced to be the little princess her mother wanted her to become. Porche has a negative relationship with her mother because they cannot agree on how her life should be lived.

Background Info
Hometown Mougins, France
Type of Childhood Complicated
Earliest Memory Being stuffed into frilly pink dresses by her mom
Family Info
Mom Prunellie Father Odilon Brother Guillaume Brother Anatole

General PersonalityEdit

General Personality

Soft spoken and usually very quite, she tends to go unnoticed a lot. People often tell her that they didn't even know that she was there. She does not like to be the center of attention but she does like to have fun, sometimes at the expense of others or herself. She is not often embarrassed and able to laugh in the face of her own misfortune. She can be a bit of a wild card, her expertise is playing off of the fact that by being so mousy and unassuming she can come off as innocent, catching most people off guard when she goes against that first impression. She is just a little mischievous, free spirited and daring.

General InfoEdit

General Info
Pets None
Likes Being outdoors
Dancing in rain
Talking to animals
Dislikes Rudeness, Being indoors, dead things
Fears/Phobias Dead things
Hobbies Art; painting & drawing
Climbing trees
Talking to animals
Things She Won't Do Disrespect nature
Kill an animal
Person They Secretly Admire Her father
Most Influenced By Her brothers Guillaume and Anatole
Immediate Goals Explore
Long Term Goals Become a Magizoologist


Greatest Fear Death
Most at Ease When? Outdoors
Priorities Exploring
Past Failures Mother's approval
Biggest Accomplishment Father's approval
Darkest Secret Hates her mother
Character Flaw Unpredictable

Self PerceptionEdit

One Word to Describe Free
Best Physical Trait Eyes
Worst Physical Trait Hair
Things to Change About Self Hair
Mental State Stable
Mental/Emotional Disorders Mommy issues
Emotional Stability Stable

Physical InfoEdit

Physical Info
Eye Colour Grey
Hair Colour Brown
Height 5'1
Weight 105 lbs
Native Language French
Ethnicity French
Accent French
Handedness Left
Shoe Size 5
Blood Type AB-
Voice Soft
Eye Sight 20/20
Languages Spoken French, English
Clothing Style Dressy/Casual


Bad Habits Laughing at others,
Sleeping Habits Very deep sleeper,
Quirks Doesn't look at who she is talking too


Colour Green and purple
Music Pop and techno
Food Pot au feu, Mille-feuilles
Animal Can't choose one
Book Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them



Real freedom lies in wildness, not in civilization.


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