Arrows Spell Dragged out of Attic

The Appleby Arrows, a popular quidditch team, have launched a bid to legalise their traditional celebration of firing arrows from the tip of their wands after the spell's incantation was discovered in a former player's attic.

The spell was banned in 1894 by the Department of Magical Games and Sports after a referee was pierced through the nose by one of the arrows and it hasn't been used at a quidditch match since. Francis Bellham, a lifelong fan of the Arrows explains his opinions: “It's unfair to ban an important spell just because some referee couldn't get himself out of the way quick enough in the 1890's. I'm delighted that it's been rediscovered and I hope we are allowed to use it."

After the arrow spell was banned wizards forgot how to do it until it was found several days ago in the attic of a former Arrows played who recently died. Ministry worker Charles Winters believes that the spell shouldn't be re-introduced. “The arrow spell is simply dangerous.” He tells a Daily Prophet journalist. “At a quidditch match it will surely cause injuries and it could easily turn from a “harmless” celebration spell to a fatal piece of magic.”